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Nutrition for Runners

*Level up your nutrition knowledge!
Coach Jenn Giles RD, will teach you how to eat like an athlete for both performance and recovery.
Get equipped with the science, tips, and strategies to fuel your body for better.
Coach Jennifer Giles is a certified running coach and registered dietician. She holds a dual master’s degree in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University.

This course has nine comprehensive yet easy to understand video lessons.  Each video is 20-30 minutes long.  You can view it at your convenience and go at your own pace.  You will have permanent access to the content. 

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What's Inside:

Nutrient Timing and Blood Sugar Regulation

Avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster.  In this science deep-dive Coach Jenn explains how to regulate your blood sugar and avoid the ‘spikes and crashes.’ 

Fueling During Runs

Solve the biggest puzzle for runners.  Master the science, tools, and strategies for fueling your body during long and short runs and workouts.

Hydration for Runners

-How to monitor your hydration during running and non-running days to ensure that your body is maximizing power, speed, and the good feeling running can bring!  

Power Breakfasts for Runners 

-How to start the day with optimal nutritional intake so you will have sufficient and efficient energy for exercise.

Recovery Nutrition for Runners

This may be the most important video lesson!  See what to do in the critical recovery window after your workout.  Doing recovery properly will help you reach your potential as a runner.

Eat to Run Not Run to Eat

In this important video Coach Jenn will help you rethink how you view food as well as how you fuel your body as an athlete. 

Avoiding Weight Gain

See what to do if you find yourself gaining weight in spite of all the running and exercise.

Nutrition and Stress Fractures

Learn why stress fractures occur and how your nutrition can help you prevent them.

Super Nutrient Smoothie Making 101

Smoothies are an easy way to pack in a lot of nutrients, protein, and healthy vegetables if you don't have time to make a full meal. 

They are also great for recovery. 


MTA Online Course $100.00  
Only $49 
Low one-time payment gives you permanent access to the course.
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
I ran my first marathon 32 minutes faster than I was planning on. It was the most amazing feeling. 

Thanks so much to MTA for getting me through my first marathon feeling strong and injury free!  

-Emily E.

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