Volume 2 of Our Archived Episodes Packed with Expert Training Advice, Amazing Guest Interviews, Time-Tested Tips, Exciting Race Recaps, and Zany Stories . . . 
All To Help You Get To the Next Level in Marathon Training and Life
MTA Podcast Volume 2
50 Amazing Episodes

Volume 2 includes episodes #51-100 which are no longer available on the web.   

Episodes are 100% digital, downloadable and original. 

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Killer Episode Topics!
  • How to Perfect Your Running Form
  • The Power of Thinking Big in Running and Life
  • How to Get a More Athletic Looking Body
  • Maintaining Your Momentum in Training
  • How to Avoid Bonking and Cramping
  • Adventures in Running Downhill
  • Understanding Vo2 Max, Heart Rate Variability, and Anaerobic Threshold  
  • Increasing Productivity and Reaching Running Goals
  • Fueling Questions Answered with Steve Born
  • History of the Marathon
  • Strength Training for Runners
  • How to Survive the Summer in Your Marathon Training
  • Running Etiquette You Should Know
  • How to Overcome Obstacles in Your Training
  • How to Develop a Strong Finishing Kick!
  • Building Confidence as a Runner
  • How Running Improves Your Body Image
  • Your Brain as the Central Governor
  • Listener Q and A with Coach Angie
  • Weight Loss Q and A with Dr. Maki

Angie and Trevor, the hosts of Marathon Training Academy, are cute as all get-out.  Angie Spencer is a registered nurse and certified running coach with serious marathon know-how. The hosts tackle all manner of listener questions from marathon fueling to injury prevention to compression clothing. But the best takeaway from this podcast is the mondo dose of can-do attitude; it’s a feeling that lingers long after the theme music stops singing that you’re ‘well on your way.  

-The Huffington Post

Epic Guests!

Ben Greenfield

Lisa Smith-Batchen

Dean Karnazes

Tim Noakes

Marshal Ulrich

Camille Herron

Chuck Engle (The Marathon Junkie)

Vinnie Tortorich

Danielle Hastings 

(T-Rex Runner)

Ian Sharman

Leah Thorvilson

Steve Born 

World Famous 
Race Recaps!

Rocket City Marathon

New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Screaming Pumpkin Marathon

The Route 66 Marathon

Boston Marathon Tribute

The Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz

The Missoula Marathon

The Tupelo Marathon

Deseret News Classic Marathon

The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon

"Your sage advice and humor helped me get there!"

I just wanted to thank you for your podcast and your passion for running. I just finished my first marathon with a time of 3:29 and your sage advice and humor helped me get there!
- Elijah H.
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