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MTA Podcast Volume 3
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Volume 3 includes episodes #101-150 which are no longer available on the web.   

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"Your sage advice and humor helped me get there!"

I just wanted to thank you for your podcast and your passion for running. I just finished my first marathon with a time of 3:29 and your sage advice and humor helped me get there!
- Elijah H.
Amazing Guest Interviews

Sean Astin

Jeff Galloway

Stephanie Howe

Dean Karnazes

Tina Muir 

David Clark

Dave Asprey

Traci Falbo

Ben Greenfield

Lisa Smith-Batchen

Mike Wardian

Vinnie Tortorich

Rhonda Foulds

Hal Elrod

Greg Cheek

Samantha Gash

World Famous 
Race Recaps!

The Boston Marathon

Leadville Trail Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon

Myrtle Beach Marathon

A2A Marathon

The Lincoln Marathon

The San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Foot Traffic Flat Marathon

Episode List
  • Episode 150 | Marathon Success Story with Gregory Cheek -Maintaining Three Points of Contact 
  • Episode 149 | Lessons From My First Ultra
  • Episode 148 | How to Beat a Motivational Slump in Your Running 
  • Episode 147 | Interview with David Clark -From Self-Described Obese Alcoholic to Ultramarathoner 
  • Episode 146 | Race Recap: The Leadville Trail Marathon 
  • Episode 145 | Fitness Begins In The Mind! 
  • Episode 144 | Issues Faced by Slower Runners 
  • Episode 143 | An Inside Look into the Life of an Elite Runner – Interview with Tina Muir 
  • Episode 142 | Race Recap: The Lincoln Marathon | A Hot Time In The Old Town! 
  • Episode 141 | Interview with Travis Maci 
  • Episode 140 | Boston Marathon Q and A (race recap part 2)
  • Episode 139 | Race Recap: The Boston Marathon 
  • Episode 138 | How to Run-Walk-Run a Marathon -Interview with Jeff Galloway 4/18/15
  • Episode 137 | Qualifying for the Boston Marathon –Interview with Chris Russell 
  • Episode 136 | The Ingredients of Success in Endurance and Life – Interview with Joe De Sena 
  • Episode 135 | Q and A with Ben Greenfield 
  • Episode 134 | The Case for Core Training –How Strong Core Muscles Make You a More Efficient Runner 
  • Episode 133 | Interview with Sean Astin –Actor, Marathoner, and Creator of #RUN3rd 
  • Episode 132 | Replay Episode! Never Limit Where Running Can Take You 
  • Episode 131 | Interview with Hal Elrod -How to Have a Miracle Morning 
  • Episode 130 | Indoor Marathons and Developing Mental Toughness 
  • Episode 129 | Interview with Michael Wardian – Endurance Athlete Extraordinaire 
  • Episode 128 | Just Go For It! Four Mantras for Attempting Great Things in Your Marathon Training and Life 
  • Episode 127 | Interview with Dave Asprey -Biohacker and High Performance Coach
  • Episode 126 | Race Recap: San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
  • Episode 125 | Still Running after Parkinson’s and Brain Surgery – Interview with Rhonda Foulds
  • Episode 124 | The Bizarre World of Race Cheaters
  • Episode 123 | Marathon Success Story with Lee and Colleen Staats
  • Episode 122 | Race Recap: The Marine Corps Marathon
  • Episode 121 | Interview with Vinnie Tortorich – Why Exercise is a Poor Way to Lose Weight
  • Episode 120 | Race Recap: The Chicago Marathon
  • Episode 119 | Interview with Nikolas Toocheck | Eleven-Year-Old Marathoner
  • Episode 118 | The Aging Marathoner – How Getting Older Affects Your Running 
  • Episode 117 | Interview with Traci Falbo – 242 Miles in 48 Hours 
  • Episode 116 | Harnessing the Power of Habit in Your Marathon Training 
  • Episode 115 | Mental Toughness – Lisa Smith-Batchen on Completing a Badwater Quad 
  • Episode 114 | Q and A with Dean Karnazes 
  • Episode 113 | Race Recap: Portland’s Foot Traffic Flat + Angie Qualifies for the Boston Marathon 
  • Episode 112 | Interview with Stephanie Howe -Western States 100 Mile Champion 
  • Episode 111 | Getting Quality Sleep During Your Marathon Training
  • Episode 110 | Marathon Success Story with Jeriod Turner
  • Episode 109 | Be Awesome! Interview with Desert Runner Samantha Gash 
  • Episode 108 | Marathon Pacing 
  • Episode 107 | Interview with Joe DeSena – Founder of the Spartan Race 
  • Episode 106 | Boston Strong! The 2014 Boston Marathon
  • Episode 105 | Race Recap: The A2A Marathon – Why We Love Small Marathons!
  • Episode 104 | Taking Care of Your Amazing Feet
  • Episode 103 | Interview with Jan Seeley -Race Director and Publisher of Marathon and Beyond Magazine
  • Episode 102 | Race Recap: The Myrtle Beach Marathon
  • Episode 101 | Going Beyond Training to Master Your Fitness – Interview with Ben Greenfield 

Angie and Trevor, the hosts of Marathon Training Academy, are cute as all get-out.  Angie Spencer is a registered nurse and certified running coach with serious marathon know-how. The hosts tackle all manner of listener questions from marathon fueling to injury prevention to compression clothing. But the best takeaway from this podcast is the mondo dose of can-do attitude; it’s a feeling that lingers long after the theme music stops singing that you’re ‘well on your way.  

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